Monday, January 18, 2010

Three's Company

I find it rather ironic that at the moment, my life resembles the TV sitcom Three's Company. Take for instance, last night over dinner. I identified with Chrissy Snow, the blonde bombshell on the show, whom was portrayed by the actress Suzanne Somers, famous for the Thigh Master infomercials and author of books on diet and exercise. She was the first generation Chrissy, the classic Chrissy, the one we remember ingrained in our brains as Chrissy. Someone else I know was perfect as Janet Wood, the cool brunette who often stumbled over herself unintentionally. Another friend was the ideal Jack Tripper, the ladies man. Now, I am trying my best to make light of a serious situation, and find humor to be the way I deal with it. Come to think about it, most comedians derive their funniest moments from the most painful situations. I am of the opinion that Larry David wouldn't be half as funny if he wasn't his cantankerous self, pissed off countless people and said something about nothing. Well then, I guess one could also say that my life also resembles Curb Your Enthusiasm with a dose of Seinfeld.